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Why Consumers Should Go Green with Laundry in 2012
SmartKlean Offers Five Reasons to Clean Laundry with Green or Natural Alternatives



Diana Paez
Marketing Director

2. Consumers don’t have to sacrifice cleaning power for green power
There’s a misperception that green products aren’t as effective, but in fact, green products are included among top-performing cleaners. Eco-friendly solutions clean in the same way as detergents, without using toxic chemicals. The Laundry Ball adds the power of thermodynamics and bioelectricity as well.

3. Ditch Detergents, Which Clean with Petrochemicals, Not Soap
Despite the soap-like bubbles (created by foaming agents), detergents don’t contain soap. Instead, they’re made of petroleum-based chemicals. Ditch the detergents, which leave a chemical residue on fabric with every wash. This residue is absorbed by human skin, causing irritation and other symptoms.

4. Cut Chemical Exposure at Home
With every load of laundry, families add chemical residues to their clothing and emit chemical pollutants into the air from dryer vents. These chemicals have been linked to asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, cancer and other health issues.

5. Protect the Environment and Local Communities
Green cleaning laundry cuts the number of chemicals flushed into the local water ecosystem, possibly harming fish and wildlife. It also saves energy and reduces the amount of plastic waste sent to local landfills or recycling plants.

“Greening laundry has a positive impact on our families and our local communities,” said Jenny Ortiz, president and co-founder of SmartKlean. “It reduces our chemical exposure and benefits families concerned about physical health, financial health and the environment.”

Despite the recession, it’s possible to save money without sacrificing eco-concerns. SmartKlean offers suggestions for greening laundry and using natural alternatives like the Laundry Ball on its website, http://www.smartklean.com.

About SmartKlean
Based in Miami, Florida, SmartKlean Corp. helps consumers green the laundry process and save money while protecting family health and the environment. In 2009, it launched the non-detergent Laundry Ball, which uses thermodynamics and bioelectricity to clean laundry physically, rather than chemically. It’s sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Information is available online at www.smartklean.com,
www.facebook.com/SmartKleanCorp and www.twitter.com/SmartKlean.

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MIAMI, January 23, 2012 — Although nearly half of all shoppers rate the environment as important when buying laundry products, the recession has consumers hesitating to buy green. SmartKlean, makers of the non-detergent Laundry Ball, suggests five reasons why consumers shouldn’t hesitate to go green with laundry in 2012.

1. Forget the “green premium” and save money
Increased competition has led to lower pricing for green laundry and cleaning products, offering better savings. A natural alternative like the SmartKlean Laundry Ball can also replace multiple products and last up to 365 washes, allowing consumers to cut laundry costs by half or more per year.



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