1.  Sign up + order a minimum of 1 box of 12 laundry balls (at wholesale price).
2.  Sell to friends, family, co-workers, retail stores, online -- you name it!
3.  Watch your small investment grow!


Sell SmartKlean products to friends, co-workers, family and maybe even your favorite local health store! The sweetest part about selling our products to those you know is how simple it can be! Who wouldn’t be happy to invest in money-saving products knowing that they already work for someone they know? It really is that simple.


Love your SmartKlean products? Did you know you can earn some extra green by helping us spread the love in your community?

Earn an income by helping others and our ecosystem with SmartKlean’s distribution system.  You’re invited to take part in this lucrative and eco-conscious movement!


Exclusive Representation

1. Sign up to become an exclusive Representative in your chosen area. We will send you
the minimum order amount based on the population of your area.

2.  Order and sell by volumes to distributors, retail stores, online - you name it!
3.  Watch your investment multiply!


The best thing about becoming a Representative in your area is territorial protection. In other words, when anyone signs up to become a (1.) Distributor in your protected area, they must purchase stock from you at your wholesale prices. Think of it as an exclusive mini-franchise; a small wholesale business that is already set up for you! Customers shopping on our website in your territory will be directed to your shopping cart! Representation is available for cities, states, provinces and regions around the world.    



Benefits for Distributors

• Free Professional Marketing Materials
• Contact info added to our
Distributor List
• Training Booklet & Ongoing Support
• Customer Care Support
• High Profit - Very Low Investment!


Benefits for Representatives

• Free Professional Marketing Materials
• Contact info + website added to
  Distributor List
• SmartKlean e-mail address
• Training Booklet & Ongoing Support
• Customer Care Support
• High Profit Margin for sub-distributors and retailers
• Territorial Protection
• Discounts / Bonuses
• Benefits from all other sales within territory
• Referral Rewards
+ More!

10 Great Reasons to Distribute SmartKlean

1.  Great Products, Low Competition: The SmartKlean Laundry Ball is a revolutionary product that far surpasses the benefits of any traditional or eco-friendly laundry product to date.

2.  Huge Market: Almost every single adult you know, in all walks of life, are potential customers.

3.  Helps Save Money: This is one of the few products that will hold up well in any recession because it actually puts money back into the consumer's pocket rather than from taking it!

4.  Trusted Brand:  SmartKlean is a global company with presence in over 40 countries. Our  laundry ball has been featured on major media outlets such as NBC’s Today Show, Parenting Magazine, and Canada’s the Marilyn Denis Show (akin to the Ellen Show in the US).  Additionally it has been thoroughly tested, reviewed and approved by various eco-conscious blogs and many popular online communities such as Organic Authority, Eco Salon, Mindful Momma, The Soft Landing and many more.

5.  Positive Impact: SmartKlean is not only about selling green products. Our mission is to shift the paradigm of cleaning with toxic chemicals thus, creating a massive positive impact in people's lives and our ecosystem!

6.  Outstanding Tools: Your business  and sales will be supported with a dynamic collection of professional marketing  materials for you to choose from at a remarkable quality. In addition, you will gain easy access to tips, training and friendly support!

7.  Flexible: By distributing our product, you are acquiring your own  already-established business and you will have the freedom of working  at your own time and pace.

8.  Supports a Good Cause: Your contribution to this company will not only benefit you, your local  community and the environment, but it will help our small family business survive against corporate behemoths that place profits over the wellness of their customers and the environment.

9.  A Booming Industry: The  sustainability movement is rapidly growing and your participation now  can become a huge entrepreneurial success in the future!

10.  Affordable Investment, No Extra or Hidden Fees: Our wholesale rates and policies are simple and affordable for almost anyone!


“I am very appreciative for the continuing support the SmartKlean company has given me. I have NEVER worked with or for a company who has given me the encouragement and support that SmartKlean has given me. I actually feel like I have a relationship with the Smartklean team.  This encouragement makes me want to bring whoever I can on board with me for this amazing path that I am on right now. Thank you SmartKlean and looking forward to our very successful journey together.”  -Cathy Bohemier, Ontario Representative

By clicking this button and filling out the secure form, you agree to receive confidential information about the level of profit you can make with our products, the cost of stocking and fulfilling our products, and the scalability in accordance to your location.

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