People-Friendly (Health Benefits)

Easy. Economical. Ecological.

• Effectively cleans fabrics with 100% non-toxic, mineral-based ceramics
• Leaves zero chemical residues behind on fabrics.

Removes chlorine from wash water preventing its residues on clothing.
• Excellent for babies and children.
Tested and approved on cloth diapers.
• Ideal for those with eczema, allergies and other serious skin ailments.
Ingredients completely free of harmful chemicals.

2% of a garment’s weight comes from laundry detergent residue.
Nothing is closer to our bodies than our clothing. We wear fabrics all day and sleep in them at night. Regular laundry detergents leave residues in your clothes and linens after every wash. It’s easy to verify this by smelling them. Smell detergent? That’s not mountain spring you’re smelling in your laundry, it’s a concoction of different chemicals. Your skin is like a sponge and it constantly absorbs these harmful chemicals into your bloodstream.

Laundry detergents are not soap.
Laundry detergents are made of synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum. The chemicals used to formulate these ingredients pose a serious threat to human health according to countless studies and research. Yet, petrochemical-based detergents are much cheaper to manufacture than true soaps and marketing has ensured that the majority of the population remains absolutely convinced that these products are safe to use.

’Eco-friendly’ laundry detergents may contain harsh chemicals.
Many so called ”natural” detergents contain surfactants or cleansers derived  from coconut, soy or vegetable oil or petroleum oil. These are ALL synthetic chemicals.

The real names of these surfactants or cleansers may be: sodium lauryl  sulfate (known by 163 other different names), sodium laureth sulfate  (often containing dioxane), decyl oleate or hundreds more. All of these  are synthetic chemicals. Often labeled “Natural” as law does not regulate the word “natural”.

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